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Celebrating our School Feast

9th August, 2009

Year in and year out the School commemorates the Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on 16th July with traditional fanfare.
So, what was so special about this year’s School Feast celebrations?

Well, it was the first ever Alumni celebration of our time honored Feast. Inclement weather and chaotic traffic snarls notwithstanding, a modest group of 100 ex-students made it to the event. 18th July became another memory to cherish.

Our feast on Saturday, 18th July can well be encapsulated in a pertinent trilogy of the past, present and the future.

  • It was a blast from the past as we perceived many new faces around, including a group of 1959 students who enthusiastically joined in
  • It focused on the present as we detailed the cornucopia of happenings, participations and significant events over the last one year
  • And an overview of projections for the future as we are determined to do our school proud through our Alumni
  • As we looked towards the future, we were thrilled to know that one of our Carmel Girls gave birth to her baby girl on our School Feast, symbolically ushering in the future chapter of the “Carmel sorority”

Yes, the euphoria was there! The kindred spirit that traditionally binds the legions of Carmel schoolgirls into one cohesive happy band “from far and near” was omnipresent. The spirited revelry, so archetypal of our girls, simmered below the surface waiting to break free as our good ole school hall started to resound to swinging music.

Sr. Pearl-Anne whilst welcoming the girls articulated a special prayer and humble gratitude for the present and hope for the future of our school and the newly formed Alumni. She made special mention of Mrs. Nazareth, one of our teachers, who is 101 years old. Margaret Nazareth is a veritable living bastion of the many edifying values that Apostolic Carmel has stood for.

Sr. Pearlanne reminisced on the students, sisters and teaching staff who had passed away over the last few decades and offered a fervent prayer for their departed souls. She then proceeded to introduce the 14 dedicated members of the Alumni Core Committee who have been instrumental in nurturing this fledgling association from strength to strength.

The Alumni Registration desk standing unobtrusively in the corner of the hall, dutifully manned by stalwarts of the Alumni, did a credible job of registering new entrants into the fold. The presence of this desk at all our future functions and meetings is slated to be a “calling attention motion” – a reminder to every ex-student to enroll their names and swell the ranks of our Alumni.

Tanya Mascarenhas, the Alumni’s Vice-President, furnished an update of what the alumni has managed to accomplish in its first year. She apprised those present that the Memorandum of Association, (a document that spells out the salient aspirations of the Alumni and the framework within which we shall be operating), has been penned and formally adopted.

She then announced that the Alumni website which will be accessible only to registered members, is up and running. The website will enable us to reach out and network with ex-students both local and the world over. Contributions by way of donations to the causes, that we choose to espouse, are welcome. !! No doubt, a gamut of challenges awaits the Association, but armed to the teeth as we are, with oodles of laudable aims and the courage of conviction we are gonna get there !!!

As the evening wore on, it was undeniably heartening to see Sisters and students of diverse age-groups shedding their inhibitions and dancing to the lilting strains of the “Masala”. Indeed, we danced the years away. The festivities concluded with a lusty rendition of our School Song as we bid each other farewell for now, for we are already looking with happy anticipation towards 2nd January 2010 – our next tryst with our Alma Mater.

Well, girls what are you waiting for? Go ahead and register your names if you haven’t already done so. Don’t forget, “WE NEED EACH AND EVERYONE ONE OF YOU”

– Contributed by Millie Castelino – Class of 1966